Toaster Convection Oven for baking fish!

Recently I decided to get a toaster oven and purchased the GE Halogen toaster oven. This neat little oven allows you to broil, bake, toast and even defrost. I have a choice of using it as a regular oven or a conventional mode. It's kind of spacious at about 12x11 oven cavity and the back actually bows out so it will hold a large 12 inch pizza pan. The wife like to use it to cook potatoes, bake cakes in a 8x8 baking pan and the good news is that it doesn't heat up the entire kitchen like the conventional oven. This model is extremely inexpensive for under US$100. Now i can bake my catch with the oven!

Toaster convection oven [Get tips on how to select a toaster convection oven]

Convection oven uses a high speed fan to circulate hot air within the cavity around the surface of the food item. The purpose of this method is that it will reduce the required cooking temperature by 25% over the conventional ovens. By incorporating the convection system into toaster ovens we have a wide selection of products that work much more efficiently than older technologies. This post was sponsored by Toaster Ovens Guide.