Reel Fishing - Practice your Luring!!

Guys, here's a really neat online game that realistically allow you to cast your lure and bag that big one that got away! ...

Turning: Use the left and right arrow keys to turn.    
Casting: Tap the up arrow key to begin your cast. When the distance meter has reached the desired distance, tap the up arrow key again. Be careful not to cast into the rocks!    
Reeling: Use the down arrow to reel in your lure.    
Hooking and Fighting Fish: Cast your lure near a fish to hook it. When the fish takes the lure, use the down arrow to bring it on to the boat. Keep the pressure on the fish to tire it out, but be careful not to put too much pressure on, or the line may snap (keep your eye on the drag pressure meter). Keep the fish out of the rocks and out from under the boat, or you will lose the lure and the fish! 

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