Marriage License

This is something interesting I found ... way to go Larry ... heheh

BJT Night-out

Well this trip we didn't get any bigges nor any respectable bites...
Current was still too strong .. even with a size 3 sinker the rigs were all over the place..
For the night fishing we used grey prawns as bait.. bite rate was almost zero.

In the morning we got some tambans baitfishes and started rigging cable cars...
there was one pull which ended up the entire bait fish missing except the head.

We had to leave before the weather turn too hot for us.. one bout of sunburn experience last week is good enough to steer us away from any form of heat sources.
We however got a mini-me Ang Jiam ...

Night fishing small CR

Friday night was a wet night - been drizzling since 7pm all the way to midnight...moon was full and current was crazy. Many rigs and sinkers were sacrificed to the Snag-King.

When were just about to call it a night a little Silver Biddy came on line..

FNR 2nd Birthday Outing

The event was a success... although the biggest catch of the day - a 4.5kg GT was not taken into consideration because Yilong did not register for the competition...However the fight was fun and all joined in ...BJT (Bedok Jetty) suddenly become alive admist the drizzle ...

Here's a rendition of the entire GT fight the song JiPaBan (one-Million)