Fire ant infestations

Sometimes referred to as "Red-Ants" they belong to a class of stinging ants with more than 280 species worldwide.

In Japan they are known as aka-kami-ari or Feuerameise in Germany. In the United states there are many species as well but the most serious pests include the 4 primary species within the Solenopsis genus. They are the Red Imported Fire Ant, the Black Imported Fire Ant, the Southern Fire Ant and those that are native to the US.

It is not easy to distinguish between the native and the imported fire ants and usually requires about 50 randomly collected worker ants to conduct a detailed study.

Why the worry? well, fire ants are well known for ther aggressive behaviour they swarm over any object or living thing that disturbs them often seen attacking wild animals, pets or even humans. Their stings can kill and they affect about 40 percent of people in areas infested with fire ants. This post was sponsored by Fire Ants Guide.

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