Legendary Snake Head

I noted an interesting post in a Fishing forum :

Singapore Reservoir might not be as huge as your commercially advertise Khao Laem Dam. But that dosen't mean it is impossible. During your NS day as a diver, aren't diver's suppose to expect the unexpected in the deep?

For Your Info - Mr. Commercial Man
Great Snakehead Size - World record is 9 pounds 13 ounces caught by Jean-Francois Helias in Thailand in 2006 They are the biggest of the snakeheads and grow to 66 pounds but none that big have been caught on rod and reel.

66 pounds = 29.937096420000003 ~ 30 kgs
Although none of these 30kgs toman has been caught by rod and line till date, but can you be certain that toman of such size dosen't exist?

Or to you, big fish only exist in your regular mekhong catfish pond?

I believe if we stuff growth hormones into snake heads they may one day grow to become .... a monster!