PayPerPost for Gonefishin's Journal!

I first discovered that running ads on my fishing site helped pay for coffee a year ago when I experimented with affiliates programs and that's pretty much I got for about 3 months.

When traffic to my sites increased I started to wonder if affiliate sales could be a great way to earn an income and hence started my attempt to monitize my blogs.

Within 3 months, the income from blogs grew and not only can I afford coffee but I could actually get a good fishing rods with the revenue generated from my blogs. Since then I have started evaluating different programs out there and my most recent one made me into a postie..

Those who are familiar enough with blog monetization would know that payperpost refer to bloggers as Posties.

PayPerPost(PPP) is a website which helps bloggers and other content publishers find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. It's really a very simple concept.

What I like so far is the overall user interface. It's intuitive and easy to navigate around. The PPP site loads fast between pages and projects itself as clean and neat.

There are three major sections when you log in:

The blogger Dashboard which is the primary main page with summarized information

The Open Opportunities tab which lists oppotunities available if you when you meet the qualification criteria.

And finally the Account settings tab which shows you settings for tools, submitted blogs and posts.

To be honest, it all looks good. From other sites I get a mixed feel of PPP actually generating good income and thus offer myself to try this out. I am somewhat skeptical with many get rich quick schemes; PPP is not hence I am more than willing to give it a shot.

Please check back to see if this works for me in Gonefishing Journal and hopefully if this grows well it will create a win- win situation for advertisers and also help me get that prized Marlin Reel!