Feature Fish...

Gonefishing will feature some common fishes and try to talk about some of the characteristics of these fishes under the Feature Fish section. This week we take a look at our friend here... which I bumped into at one of the jetties in Singapore.. I will reveal more about this buddy of mine.. stay tuned...

Slender Suckerfish Echeneis naucrates Linnaeus or Remora

The Slender Suckerfish uses the sucking disc to attach to larger fishes, most commonly sharks and rays. But it has been seen attached to boats, marine mammals and even divers. This species is also seen free-swimming.
When attached to a large predator, the Slender Suckerfish eats food scraps from the feeding activity of its host. It is also known to eat parasites off the host's body.
The Slender Suckerfish has a widespread distribution in most tropical and some warm temperate marine waters.