Country Music

All throughout my teenage life I have been listening to Rock music and didn’t like country music. Only after I became a father and decided that loud music doesn’t help reduce the amount of stress I am getting from work, I began to really appreciate country music. I must say that most Country music production is extremely good in many ways. Country music touches me in the sense that it talks about the things close to our hearts and the things that really matters.
I chanced upon the site called It has a nicely designed layout with featured artist, new releases and the best part; news and gossips.
It also allows you to download country music ringtones directly to your mobile phone via thumbplay.
You can practically get anything you ever wanted about country music on this site. My favorites are the featured videos and the Top 10 listing. Also they cover all the latest country music news in Country Music News
You can also join forum discussions and talk about your favorite artists or albums.
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This is a site definitely worth visiting for Country music lovers and those who wants to know more about country music.
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