Key Ingredient!

How many times have you been caught in a situation where you are not sure what to cook when that all important guest is arriving tomorrow? Or when you wanted to prepare something special for that special someone on a special day?
I know how it feels like when you are caught off-guard and frantically flip the pages of that tattered recipe book searching for that one recipe that would make your special day even more special…
Then keyingredient is a site for you. This website has tons of recipes from Turkish Lamb Burgers to Italian Omelets… This website is a repository for recipe. Users can use this site to store, share and browse for recipes. The other wonderful thing is that keyingredient allows you to publish your selected recipes as printed cookbooks which is easily accomplished!
Now what if you have that secret recipe which you do not wish to share it with others? Keyingredient allows you to store recipe as private recipe and you can be sure that nobody else will know about your secret recipe.
With keyingredient I have found more ways to find my day’s catch. What I loved most was the "Firecracker fish!!" it's perfect! To know more about other recipes please log on to Key Ingredients This post was sponsored by