Dear Diary...

As you all would probably know by now Gonefishing's Journal isn't only about fishing. I try to write about anything leading to or somewhat related to fishing. I was reading an article about writing therapy.
Yes, there are research findings that clearly indicate the benefits of writing about your feelings. Primarily, talking and writing about trauma.
Writing as therapy actually has an ancient history, a model was developed for research purposes by James Pennebaker, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas. The method consists of several writing exercises with an emphasis on expressing one's emotions. It has been shown in numerous experiments conducted by him and his colleagues that this simple procedure leads to improvements in physical health.

I think writing is not merely "letting it all out" but a clever representation of your feelings through words. The better your feelings are represented the more therapeutic it is. In my blog community I have come across many great writers and one that really had my attention was Molly Crane. She's a 29 year old high school teacher working in Atlanta. The one statement that caught my attention was this - "The strongest human desire is the desire to live..."

Read more about Molly here:

P.S. And guess what? Molly’s going fishing this Friday…and I’ll put up her Catch Report here …