Upper Seletar ...and my Lures

Here are some shots I took at Upper Seletar Reservoir (Legal area). Didn't bring my Digi cam hence took these with my camera phone... got nothing this trip but great sunset view...

These are my humble lures as a start. Tested the Yo-Zuri at UPR this evening and it remains a virgin.... There were almost 6-7 Lau's there doing live baiting ..catfish .. and one guy got a 1+ Metre Toman ..
The Storm Shad got for me two PB in Kranji in my earlier post.
Will continue to try the Yo-Zuri minnow because it looks really promising .. swims and shine real good...
Wish me luck!


Keropok Man said...


i never knew there's so much into fishing!
i am totally baffled!

thanks for your comments, and the links.
this site sure is informative!