Fishing is about experimenting…

I’ve noticed many new anglers here in Singapore are taking angling too seriously as a start. No doubt there are a lot of science and techniques behind fishing but I feel we should be more flexible in our angling experience.

For example there are many new anglers trying to gather all the so called “Proven” rigs and try to match what others are using, which is great to get them started, but I think they should not be afraid to try something new for example play with gang hooks, three if you want. Use different lengths and colors of leaders, even change your bait presentation every now and then.

Once again there isn’t any hard and fast rule to fishing and the joy of fishing also comes from the ability to experiment and try something new all the time.

Also the approach to fishing as I see it is not only to aim for the biggest fish ever but to enjoy the process of angling. Even you may leave a trip empty handed (catch wise) but I am sure you have learnt something. So when fishing, think not about when will the hook-up be but look around, pay attention to bites, nature, the environment and learn as much as you can so you can be closer in step to the next successful big fish.
To quote Thomas Fuller : “The end of fishing is not angling, but catching.”

“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it..." Harry Middleton