Ah Chiang's Porridge

This morning we had our usual breakfast .. Ah Chiang's Porridge.It's a popular Cantonese styled rice porridge with raw sliced fish - Sashimi Ala Cantonese.The fish used to make this raw-fish salad is Chirocentrus dorab otherwise known as Wolf-Herring or Ikan Parang here locally.

The fish is served sliced really thin due to the fact that they have really tiny bones which ran longitudinally down the length of the fish and it was really difficult to remove them. So by cutting it really thin, you only get a small mm pieces of bone which won't do too much damage.It's served fresh with sesame oil dressing, ginger and lots of red chilies.

Wolf Herrings occurs inshore, including brackish waters. They are voracious predators of small schooling fishes, e.g., herrings and anchovies.Feeds mainly on small fishes, but perhaps also crustaceans. Marketed fresh, frozen or dried and salted.