Kranji Dam CR

Kranji Dam is still a good place despite what everyone says.. see alot of surface activites of very obvious mama Tomans .. i didnt have that luck that day as i wen a little too late - about 8.30am
one bite and two PBs .. the spot i got the PB has many bites... spot is just to the right of the main entrance. Note that there are lots of weeds there but many fishes congregate there- just my observations

Anyway some history about Kranji reservoir areas:
Huge Oil Tanks set fire onto the sea.
Lieut. A. B. Watchorn, was an Australian Sapper officer of the 27th Brigade who was in charge of the blowing up of the oil depot at Kranji. The truck bringing the explosives came under shell fire, and itself blew up. Swiftly and silently, Watchorn and his sabotage squad set their explosives. The valves of the oil tanks in the yard were then opened so that the oil could run to waste. As the black torrent poured out the charges blew up and set it aflame.Flowing out into the Strait, it met the incoming tide, which carried it up the Kranji River into the slimy swamps where so many Japs were still stranded. A lot of them burned to death in this flood of fire. -- Source: "The Fall of Singapore" by Frank Owen, Penguin History.