Bedok Jetty

Night fishing at BJT .. was really quiet except this little critter - Brown Spotted Moray (actually it's more of a greenish spotted)
Took my "kelong sotong" Squid bait.. and gave a pretty good fight - poof goes my hope of a 4kg KBL.

After a "storm" in the middle of the night the morning (7-8am) yield pretty good catch... some freeding frenzy! My Surecatch stainless steel leader got sliced through by some unknown Being right after my rod bent like crazy ..bells ringging like no tomorrow...

Anyways landed a 2+KG , 20 inches long Talang/ Queenfish Scomberoides commersonianus (Lacepède)Carangidae.

Get this : Bait used - 2 weeks old Dead Tamban
Rig: Two Hook - Head (skull) and Tail

Got the fish at it's gills i guess that's causing the massive bleeding..